When you are surviving a zombie outbreak, you're best friend is you're weapon. First of all, consider your area of expertise, maybe you had a spot in the city baseball team, or you did kendo as a child, whatever the case, you will need weapons.

Lets start with mêlée weapons, consider a hardware store for a hammer, or an axe. These will be essential to your survival in the zombie apocylapse as they can finish a single zombie without attracting a horde, or save precious ammo. Knives are not recommended in a zombie apocylapse as there are only few kill spots with a knife however, these are the kill spots. •on the roof of the mouth, this is not recommended as you shouldn't get your hands so close to their teeth •the temple, considerable force needs to be taken to deliver a kill shot. •the eyes, the best place to strike, as you do not need as much force to reach the brain.

Now we move on to guns, first of all, we are going to discuss the best weapons in a zombie apocylapse, now, you're going to need a handgun, they are lightweight, easy to store and easy to find ammo for (commonly 9mm bullets). Now, how to find the pistol, consider places to find a gun, police stations, army barracks and low-income houses. For more powerful weapons, contrary to popular belief, automatic weapons are your worst nightmare in a zombie apocylapse as they waste ammo, time and can attract massive hordes of zombies. Consider a semi-automatic weapon, such as the M1 Garand, though old, is moderately powerful, has medium range, kinda your best weapon out there in the zombie apocalypse, though ammo is not plentiful.

Contrary to popular belief, a chainsaw is not good in a zombie apocylapse, as they can infect the user, make noise and constantly blunt and run of of fuel.

Kit for a zombie apocylapse •bag-pack •baseball bat •canned food and drink • handgun and ammo •back holster for rifle •radio ( to contact rescue teams) •binoculars ( to scope out cities before entering) • M1 Garand and at least 1 extra clip of ammo