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Welcome! Here you will (eventually) find a plethora of useful knowledge pertaining to survival of the zombie apocalypse, including tips, strategies, vital equipment and wilderness survival techniques. Feel free to share any knowledge you have that might be useful in a Z-Day scenario, and in doing so, consider yourself a vital asset to the survival of the human race.

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(4/14/09) Zed Zone Founded
Today, a horrendous blow has been dealt to the upcoming hordes of undead. Zed Zone has been founded! Our mission is to stave off the brain-starved masses long enough to counterattack. We're still very much under construction, especially considering this was created on a whim, so bear with us!


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The feared Zombie Apocalypse has begun. So much to do, and so little time! Where does one start preparing oneself to defend against the sea of zombies sure to strike at any moment? Why, begin at the beginning, of course: First Response

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